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Mark Durnford

My passion for swimming and outstanding coaching inspired me to establish CreateFit in 2004. 


Having participated in competitive swimming to a high level throughout my youth, I experienced coaching that really drew the best out in me along the way. It is this same objective that I hope to achieve with my clients - regardless of current starting ability, I know that everyone can enjoy the confidence and fluid technique of swimming effortlessly to any level.  I have also written a series of swimming eBooks available to download on your smart device.


I look forward to sharing my swimming and coaching experience to ensure we successfully achieve your swimming goals. 

Coaching Days:

Weekdays (apart from Wednesdays): 9.15am - 1.00pm

Saturdays: 8.15am - 12.00pm

Lou Harris

Swimming didn’t come easy to me as an adult, and this is perhaps why I have really enjoyed the journey of discovering how to swim, how to improve, and in the last 10 years, how to coach this wonderful sport. 

I now coach triathletes to take part in both open water, sea and pool-based events. As well as competing myself in middle and long distance triathlons. 

Coaching adult to swim, whether it be those nervous of their first time, to trying to knock precious seconds off their main race this season, just makes me smile.


Discovering your goals, seeing your progress, and unleashing the swimmer we all have in us is a great privilege of being a swim coach. 

But the biggest lesson you can learn in swimming is how to relax, have fun and try new things. 

I look forward to meeting you and finding out how swimming can be a positive part of your life.

Coaching Days:

Tuesdays: 2.30 - 7.45pm

Wednesdays: 8.30am - 12.15pm

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Alan Ward

During my childhood, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a seaside town near the beach. The sea and the water were always a source of fun, and I was lucky to learn strong fundamentals of swimming in a club environment.

My swimming journey truly began during my time at university when I immersed myself in training to participate in my first triathlon. Post-university, I ventured into work as a swimming teacher, lifeguard, and beach lifeguard, all while honing my coaching skills in local triathlon clubs. Since 2014, I have been professionally coaching triathletes for open water, sea, and pool-based events, drawing from my own experiences competing across all distances of triathlons since 2005.

All of this experience helps me truly understand the pathway from first-time nerves all the way up to performance swimming. This places me in a great position to guide adults on their swimming journey. Witnessing your progress and unlocking the swimmer within you is a privilege I cherish as a coach.

In swimming, the greatest lesson isn't just about technique; it's about finding relaxation, exploring learning, and having fun doing so.

I can't wait to meet you and explore how swimming can become a positive and transformative part of your life.

Coaching Days:

Wednesdays: 3.15 - 7.00pm

Thursdays: 3.00 - 6.45pm

Fridays: 3.15 - 6.30pm

 Occasional Saturdays: 12.15 - 1.45pm

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