"I started PT sessions with Mark after becoming increasingly frustrated that I was spending so much time in the gym and seeing very little result. I felt like I was lacking drive and direction in my workouts and wanted someone to set me on the right tracks. The first session was tough - I quickly realised what hard work felt like! But I really enjoyed it. I started to see changes in my body quickly, and noticed my fitness and strength improving each week.  Mark's sessions are hugely inspirational and motivational.  Each session is different, and each pushed me to my limits! Not only do I feel as though I've achieved a huge amount directly from our PT sessions, but the skills and techniques I have learned from them have also allowed me to drastically improve my solo workouts. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is feeling a little lost with their fitness regime, or who just wants to feel like they are getting as much as they can from their time in the gym."

Katie Derham - Bristol

"Mark was my personal trainer when I was living in Bristol (unfortunately I had to move away - hence finishing my sessions with Mark)  Mark is a fantastic trainer, he listened to my goals and objectives and was on hand to talk through my diet struggles - including commenting on a shared food diary (and how my love of chorizo wasn't going to help me achieve my goals)  When I had my initial session with Mark I explained how I had struggled with gym routines before and he really helped me by showing me different workouts that I could do in or out of the gym.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone looking for a personal trainer."

Clare Carpenter - Bristol

"Over the last year I have been having regular personal training with Create Fitness.  I have used them before and went back to them because the team are friendly, approachable and very good at their job.  The new booking process through makes it really easy to book in.  There is no doubt my fitness has improved as I have been encouraged/instructed to do exercises I wouldn't normally do in my own gym sessions.  Whilst I don't always like doing weights and resistence exercises it makes it so much easier with a personal trainer."


FCF - Bristol

"Mark is an extremely professional and skilled trainer who makes every workout session both personal and tailored to the purpose. I am an athlete who have been training my whole life, but I have struggled to push myself to reach my maximal potential -both as I lack knowledge and focus. Mark is an amazing coach who has helped me with all aspects of my training; ranging from finding motivation and pushing my limits to figuring out training plans and building up speed and agility. I get the impression that he is very good at finding the needs and goals from his clients and tailor the training accordingly. In my case, it has given me results which I doubt I would have been able to reach by myself. It has also made my training week a lot more fun! I would recommend Mark as a PT to anyone and everyone, without a shadow of a doubt."

Lotta Kockum - Bristol

"I've been going to the gym for a number of years and have been supported by personal trainers with varying success. Working with Mark has kept me motivated to go each day and meant that I have achieved my personal goals. I feel fitter and am healthier than I have been most of my life. Mark understands my needs even as an older client and has adjusted my programme to suit my changing needs as my performance has improved."

Nige Stenner - Bristol

"I used to love going to the gym but following a break after an injury I was just really struggling to find the motivation to go and when I did I just didn't get any enjoyment out of it. So I tasked Mark Durnford with the challenge of making gym fun for me again. And boy did he deliver. Not only has he helped me get fit enough to start trail running with my dog but I am now in the gym every morning before work and have even started doing a Personal Training Diploma for fun. Can't recommend him highly enough."

Cathy Jamieson - Bristol

"Mark Durnford has been my personal trainer for the better part of two years.  He is the ideal combination of friendly and exacting - so my sessions with him are hard work but fun.  Mark is encouraging when I make progress but also understanding at times when I've had to reduce my level of gym attendance through work pressures.  He is an expert in his field and thoroughly reliable and committed, being a business owner like me."


Tim Summers, Solicitor - Bristol

"I first started using a trainer about 4 years ago in an attempt to become a little fitter and leaner and have been exercising with my Personal Trainer for about 8 months.

My main reason for training is motivation: I need some incentive to keep going to the gym and to keep exercising.  Create Fitness has provided this incentive by carefully analysing my current levels of fitness and strength and providing training programs that are challenging, but achievable. My progress is monitored and the training plans adjusted on a regular basis, ensuring I continue to progress, becoming fitter and stronger. During this time, I've found my trainer exceptionally knowledgeable and genuinely concerned that I should improve.  Out of the 5 or 6 trainers I've used in the past, I rate my personal trainer, Mark Durnford at the very top."

Alan - Bristol

"I have always been naturally tall and lean, and felt uncomfortable being so slim - for 10 years I struggled to put on any appreciable weight or size despite training regularly and eating well. Hitting 30, I decided that I wanted to make a final concerted attempt to pack on some size and improve my strength.

I approached Create after a recommendation from a friend - we discussed my previous experience and quickly established some things that were hindering my progress, as well as putting together a specific training programme to increase my strength and build endurance. We have continually monitored my diet and response to the training, making adjustments to suit my lifestyle and how frequently I can train. My trainer has shown a great wealth of knowledge and techniques (as well as extreme patience!) to help me learn new exercises, such as the Olympic lifts. 18 months later, I am delighted at my progress – I have surpassed all my personal best lifts and I am significantly bigger, broader and stronger, regularly receiving comments from friends and colleagues on my obvious physical change. I happily recommend Create to anyone who is looking to improve themselves, whatever their goal might be."

Lewis - Bristol

"With only 3 months to go before my wedding, I was determined to get myself into shape for the big day.  My Personal Trainer was enthusiastic, motivating, knowledgeable and fun - key ingredients for a great coach.  After a thorough consultation, I decided to have a series of personal training sessions, mainly consisting of boxing, weight lifting and interval training and enjoyed each session immensely. I would recommend it to everyone. After only 8 sessions with I had increased my stamina and muscle tone and felt 'endorphinised'. And on my honeymoon I could even show off my new six-pack!"

Dr S B Langridge - Bristol

"I have known Mark Durnford for four years. We started off with swimming sessions and, for the last two years, he has been my personal trainer. In either capacity, he has been outstanding: focused on all aspects of training and nutrition, understanding of my specific training needs, clear in explaining how to go about specific exercises, flexible in seeking to avoid boredom, attentive, encouraging, and unfailingly professional. I am delighted with the results of my training which I would not have achieved without him. I cannot think of a better trainer and would not hesitate to recommend him wholeheartedly."

Professor P.K - Bristol

"Cycling had always been a passion but last year I decided to take it to the "the next level". Mark was recommended to me by a friend who had achieved great results due to his personal training programmes. As a result of Mark's superb training I've managed to dramatically increase my power output and now feel prepared to take on organised races next year."

James Anscombe - Bath

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